Whatever happened to: Autodesk's Design Your Future (dyf)?

I recently pulled up the first annual augi salary survey from 2002 to check to see if a couple of numbers had changed drastically since then.

In the introductory paragraph, a mention was made of Autodesk's Design Your Future initiative to interest girls in Math, Science and Technology (launched by Carol Bartz in 1997).

When following that link today I'm told that the page is not found. The only mention I see of this initiative now is on the Internship Success Stories page.

Does anyone know if this program is not still active, what might have replaced it, if anything?


Brian Myers said...

I thought you may find this site a little bit interesting:


Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Ooh, Good call, Brian. That site name rings a bell. Thanks for the reminder.